COLUMBUS DUORAMA Illuminated Relief Globe Model 244083

Base: metal (steel)
Meridian: metal (steel)
Sphere: crystal (25 Percent Pb)

The Duorama map
The ground-vegetation map (switched off) shows the earth´s surface with the rock-mountains, the forests, the cultivated zones, the savannas, the deserts and in white the polar areas or the glaciers. The relief impression of the mountains and sea-beds are really astonishing.
The political map (switched on) shows the countries in various colours.

This map offers a new vision of Earth, near to photographic mode. To reinforce its glare, the Duorama map is exclusively assembled on crystal spheres and hand adjusted.

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Höhe:50 cm
Durchmesser:40 cm

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COLUMBUS DUORAMA Illuminated Relief Globe Model 244083
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