XXL Simplified USA pol. (Wenschow)

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Simplified United States political - (single map)

Map Information:
Political USA Map

  • Employs Lambert - azimutal Projection
  • Identifies states by bright, contrasting colors
  • Shows US time zones
  • Includes map of Alaska and the Hawaiian islands
  • Features US / world locator map
  • Displays state capitals and other major cities
  • Easy to read legend, grid, compass rose
  • Plastic lamination (tear-free) for protection on both sides, reflection-free
  • Markable and washable
Mounted on sturdy steel roller and pulldown rod

Please note:
On Wenschow maps we will add 8% shipping and handling.

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Höhe:145 cm
Breite:180 cm
Maßstab:1:3 M

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XXL Simplified USA pol. (Wenschow) - Springrollo, laminated on metal rail Map mounted on spring roller with metal backboard
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