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Art and science at your command
This uniquely useful and beautiful six color, state-of-the-art globe of the heavens, shows the entire starry sky as seen from anywhere on Earth. It presents the stars in their true spectral colors (temperature) and magnitude (brightness), offering a new cosmic perspective. The inset photograph shows the high level of detailed information offered on the Starsphere.
You'll discover all eighty-eight constellations and more than 1,100 naked-eye stars, plus prominent deep sky objects against a celestial double coordinate system of Right Ascension and Declination for star gazing and planet charting. Stars are identified by name and distance in light years from Earth as well.
The translucent sphere features hand-silk screened graphics on the interior surface for protection and comes with a matching bronze-toned acrylic base. Choose from either the pedestal base (pictured) or the sculptured base for this 12 inch diameter globe.
Each Starsphere comes with an interesting and informative booklet and a signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity. A beautiful presentation of the heavens and a fascinating source of discovery for years to come.

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