Finley - Model 65032 (Antique Ocean) - Illuminated

Sophisticated Elegance
These illuminated hand-covered
masterpieces will become the focal
point of any large room or offce.

Contemporary quality. The Finleys impressive 37 Inch height
and simple lines of the hardwood base provide an attractive
backdrop for its 20 Inch diameter illuminated globe ball.
Choose dramatic blue ocean styling, or the rich, understated
antique version to reflect your personal style.
Full engraved aluminum meridian in a brushed brass color,
with touch-on light control.

W. 26 inch (66 cms.), D. 26 inch (66 cms.),
H. 37 inch (93 cms.), Wt. 17.5 lbs. (8 kgs.)

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Höhe:93 cm
Breite:66 cm
Länge:66 cm
Durchmesser:50 cm

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Finley - Model 65032 (Antique Ocean) - Illuminated
(Artikel-Nr.: 100014611)

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