Crystal Marquise - Model 80506 (Silver Land)

Style and Flair
Contemporary styling for the most progressive décor.
Clearly beautiful.
Advanced technologies led to the
creation of this magnificent design.
The colorful land cartography of this 12 Inch
diameter crystal clear acrylic-like ocean globe
is enriched by the shine of its custom designed
stainless steel base.
There are two globes in this collection, easily
distinguished by the blue or silver land colors.
Both add a clear view of the world to any home or office.

W. 12 inch (30 cms.), D. 12 inch (30 cms.),
H. 16 inch (40 cms.), Wt. 3.0 lbs. (1.4 kgs.)

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Höhe:40 cm
Breite:30 cm
Länge:30 cm
Durchmesser:30 cm

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Crystal Marquise - Model 80506 (Silver Land)
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