Compass Jewel - Model 38700 (Blue Lapis Ocean)

Shimmering Elegance
The luster and colors of these styles
will add richness to their surroundings.

Gemstone luxury.
This exquisite desktop accessory is a 13 Inch
diameter blue lapis ocean globe beautifully inlaid
with over 25 different semi-precious gemstones
that have been hand carved into the shape of
countries and continents.
A gold-colored stand and meridian with
built-in compass cradles this lustrous globe.
Hundreds of place names.

W. 18 inch (46 cms.), D. 18 inch (46 cms.),
H. 19 inch (49 cms.), Wt. 18.1 lbs. (8.2 kgs.)

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Höhe:49 cm
Breite:46 cm
Länge:46 cm
Durchmesser:33 cm

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Compass Jewel - Model 38700 (Blue Lapis Ocean)
(Artikel-Nr.: 100014708)

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