Diplomat - Model 65325 (Blue ocean) - Illuminated

Sophisticated Elegance
These illuminated hand-covered
masterpieces will become the focal
point of any large room or offce.

Exclusively Replogle. Search the world over
and you will not find a better example of the
globemaking art.
A handcrafted masterpiece, this extraordinary
globe features lavish attention to both form
and function.
Distinctive details include touch-on illumination,
rich, ten-color cartography and a solid brass,
hand-engraved meridian.
The handcrafted, solid mahogany cradle mounting
rubbed to a lustrous walnut-finish further emphasizes
the Diplomat’s uncommon beauty.
A comprehensive 32 Inch diameter globe ball featuring
over 20,000 place names ranks the Diplomat as the
world’s most detailed globe.
A perfect blend of aesthetics and function.

W. 40 inch (101 cms.), D. 40 inch (101 cms.),
H. 51 inch (128 cms.), Wt. 64.5 lbs. (29.3 kgs.)

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Höhe:128 cm
Breite:101 cm
Länge:101 cm
Durchmesser:80 cm

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Diplomat - Model 65325 (Blue ocean) - Illuminated
(Artikel-Nr.: 100014607)

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