Globe 4 Kids - Model 12532 (Blue Ocean) - Illuminated

Creative Learning
Expand your view of the world through education.
Early impressions.
This 10 Inch diameter illuminated globe
features more than 100 different drawings of
animals, produce, monuments and special
features of individual countries and regions.
The deep blue molded plastic base and
semi-meridian packaged in decorative display
carton complete this special globe.

W. 10 inch (25 cms.), D. 10 inch (25 cms.),
H. 12 inch (30 cms.), Wt. .8 lbs. (.4 kg.)

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Höhe:30 cm
Breite:25 cm
Länge:25 cm
Durchmesser:25 cm

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Globe 4 Kids - Model 12532 (Blue Ocean) - Illuminated
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