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Globe 4 Kids - Model 12532 (Blue Ocean) - Illuminated
Globe 4 Kids - Model 12532 (Blue Ocean) - Illuminated

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Diameter: 10 inch (25 cms.)

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UK Postcode Area Map

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* The original maps are not watermarked


An excellent business planning map presenting both the Postcode Area boundaries and the most up-to-date County and Unitary Authority boundary information for the whole UK.
Clearly shown on a black-and-white base map (with national parks highlighted in pale green), the Postcode Area boundaries and their corresponding letters are displayed in red with County / Unitary Authority boundaries shown in dark green. The map base contains motorways, primary roads (plus ‘A’ roads in London) and features seven types of town/city “stamps” based on populations ranging from 2,000 to 1,000,000 plus inhabitants.
Due to the large number of Postcode Areas within metropolitan London, the map also contains a more detailed inset (1 inch to 4 miles) of the area within the M25 motorway. A handy index details all 124 Postcode Areas (including the name of each Area’s main postal town/city) enabling users to locate a Postcode Area rapidly. In addition, the map provides detailed definitions of the different levels of Postcode detail (Area, District and Sector) and how they are structured.
This map is updated and reprinted annually, to ensure that it presents the most current postcode boundary information available.


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Maps paper, rolled, matt on both sides Anti-reflective laminated extra strong (tear-resistant, markable and washable) Paper, rolled, tear-resistant, reflection free, laminated (markable and washable)103301
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With poster rods (white lacquered solid wood), both sides matt anti-glare extra strong laminated (tear-resistant, can be written & washable) With wooden rods, tear-resistant, reflection free, laminated (markable and washable)100001166
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